Intelligent Weld Inspections

Conduct post-weld quality inspections faster than ever with our Al-driven solution

Accelerate weld inspections, with greater accuracy than ever

Our Intelligent Welding smart workflow uses Al to thoroughly evaluate Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) scans of structural steel and piping welds.

Originally developed within Shell as WeldScout, this proprietary technology dramatically reduces inspector evaluation time. It has been proven to decrease inspection and data processing time by over 50%.

This unique approach to weld evaluations empowers inspectors to review weld data safely, remotely, and faster than ever before.
Plus, it works seamlessly with the Cumulus platform so you can easily integrate with other workflows, such as bolted joint management or pressure testing.
Why use the Intelligent Welding smart workflow at your facility?
Intelligent Welding generates impressive productivity gains.

Our proprietary Intelligent Welding technology was used on a large construction project in South Korea. By integrating Al into the welding inspection process, the project was able to complete inspections over five times faster than traditional methods, increasing output from 5 meters per hour to 27 meters per hour. This made a significant impact on improving project schedule and margin.

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