What is your name and where are you from?

I am Chiz Chikwendu. I was born in the city of Enugu, Nigeria. My family emigrated to Bronx, NY in 1995, which was my home for three years before we settled in Boston.

What are some of your interests/hobbies?

I grew up playing soccer, which was my first love. Then I fell in love with airplanes, wanting to become a pilot, which eventually converged in my love of engineering and technology, leading me to become an engineer. These days I enjoy playing the bass guitar, and movies.

When did you start working for Cumulus?

I was part of the founding team that left Shell Techworks in December 2018 to start Cumulus.

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How did you find your way to Cumulus, what is your background?

I started my career with Hamilton Sundstrand in 2001 as an electrical engineer, working in aerospace. What I loved about aerospace engineering was that I got to see things built from beginning to end. I stayed in aerospace for 11 years before transitioning to the medical device industry, that was closer and more open to cutting edge technology, which was interesting to me. After 3 years, I joined Shell Techworks which presented an opportunity to work in a startup environment, and build something from the ground up, which culminated in the creation of Cumulus Digital Systems. Dream come true!

What do you most enjoy about working at Cumulus?

What I enjoy is the fact that I’m being stretched in many ways. I’m learning by doing, and I’m not just building products, I’m also building people.

What project have you been most excited or proud to have been part of?

Outside of Smart Torque System, which is the foundation for Cumulus, I really enjoyed being part of the joint definition phase for the Boeing 787 airplane.

If you knew someone looking to work at Cumulus what would you tell them?

Strap on your seat belt. Get ready for an awesome ride, where you’ll be stretched, you’ll be challenged, you’ll grow and you would be relied on to make lasting contributions with broad impact!

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