The Cumulus Culture

Oftentimes, the test of character is most evident in times of adversity. Over the past few weeks, and in the coming months, with the enormous challenges we are currently facing, our character will continuously be tested. During these times it’s important to reflect on the core composition of our company’s character and how that character creates and defines our culture.

In a recent communication to our team, Cumulus co-founder & CTO Chiz Chikwendu captured our culture by framing it in terms of five major spheres of influence: Company, Customer, Colleagues, Collaborators, and Community.

Company – We are proud of our company and we nurture every aspect of our business with care and concern. We feel a sense of ownership, which demands responsibility, to which we gladly and actively assume. Everyone is a leader, and this means that each of us can be entrusted to ensure that Cumulus is successful.

Customers – We treat our customers with respect and value because we see their success as our success. We do our utmost to ensure that our products are designed with the highest quality. We demonstrate willingness to help and solve problems. Our greatest honor is when our customers speak well of us.

Colleagues – How we treat one another is a critical piece of our culture. We promote and nurture an atmosphere of trust and respect. We care for one another, take care of one another, assist one another, and cheer for one another. We want to learn from each other, teach each other, and build our team to the highest levels of excellence and competence.

Collaborators – Every successful organization thrives on vibrant, mutually beneficial partnerships. We look to collaborate with those companies whose expertise complements our products and presents an opportunity for mutual gain. We treat our collaborators with respect, honesty, and fairness. We strive to build our reputation as a “partner that can be trusted” so our collaborators deliver their best work and recommend us to prospective clients.

Communities – We feel a sense of community and citizenship in every area we serve. As we grow, we will impact our community positively, and be recognized not only for our success, but for the core values that empowered us to get here. Our community engagement becomes a natural reflection of our internal culture.

At Cumulus we encourage all our employees to embrace these core values, become cultural ambassadors to the next generation, and by doing so become leaders. Leaders who inspire, who demand without asking, and who move others by the force of their example. By doing this, we find solutions to industry challenges, help our customers and partners transform their businesses, and ensure the shared success of our company and the people who work with us.