Bolted Joint Management

Maximize quality and productivity for all of your bolted connections during assembly and maintenance activities

Introducing our award-winning smart workflow built to address all your bolted joint needs

Ensure all controlled torquing and tensioning activities are done right for your facility’s flanges, connections, and joints
Cumulus Digital Systems Technology
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Here’s how it works

Our patented smart system leverages a mobile app and connects with digital manual and powered torque tools to guide workers and capture granular quality data.


Sync with Bluetooth-enabled tools to get real-time visibility of work activities


Guide workers with an intuitive mobile app workflow that captures digital records of completed work


Verify that work was done correctly with automated reporting in our cloud-based Control Center

Bolted Joint Management by Cumulus Digital Systems

Ensure Work Quality

Guide workers with intuitive instructions and capture quality data via our mobile app

Simplify Reporting

Replace cumbersome paperwork with automated, cloud-based digital reporting

Maximize Productivity

Set target torque values and track progress in real-time with Bluetooth connectivity

Stop leaking bolted joints in their tracks

Cumulus empowers you to prioritize safety and sustainability at your facility by proactively preventing leaks in bolted joints before they occur.

reduction in bolted joint leak rates by using Cumulus technology
bolted joints have used Cumulus for assembly or maintenance
metric tons of GHG emissions abated by using Cumulus technology
hours of cumbersome paperwork eliminated for every work completion

Featured Case Study: Offshore Quality Assurance

In the high stakes world of offshore construction, learn how our Bolted Joint Management technology helps quality teams collect comprehensive work data via connected tools and our mobile application, providing 360° work completion visibility.

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