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Work Done Right™ by Cumulus Digital Systems
About Work Done Right™

The industry is facing a quality epidemic. In the United States alone, a new chemical accident occurs every other day. Industrial accidents should no longer be accepted as a “cost of doing business”. The safety of people and the planet is at stake.

That’s why we created the Work Done Right™ podcast. Every week, we have conversations with innovative professionals who discuss the most impactful ways to overcome the industry’s quality challenges.

Manufacturing Digital Quality Inspection

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Learn from our expert lineup of industry professionals on how to proactively ensure work quality and productivity.

Meet the Host

The host of the Work Done Right™ podcast is Wes Edmiston, a 15 year construction industry veteran who worked his way up through the trades. His experience on industrial megaprojects ranges from piping and welding to quality and completions.

Wes also serves as the Director of Product & Industry Strategy at Cumulus Digital Systems. He resides in Illinois with his wife, two dogs, and two cats.

Wes Edmiston host of the Work Done Right™ podcast

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