Industries Served

Cumulus provides a real-time connection between field and office teams across a number of industries to ensure mission-critical work is done right the first time, every time.


From refineries to offshore platforms to power plants, the energy industry relies on Cumulus to ensure that mission-critical construction and maintenance work is done right the first time, every time.

  • New facility construction
  • Onshore and offshore turnarounds
  • Fabrication yards


The Cumulus platform is used by project owners and general contractors alike to ensure SOP compliance and get real-time visibility into project progress and work quality.

  • Commercial fire suppression systems
  • Construction of high-rise structures
  • Infrastructure construction and maintenance


Manufacturers trust Cumulus to ensure SOP compliance, using our patented software to guide workers through completing work activities and controlling quality throughout the process.

  • Turbine manufacturing and maintenance
  • Switchgear manufacturing
  • Food and pharmaceutical processing and manufacturing sites


Semiconductor manufacturers are in the global spotlight, and Cumulus technology rises to the occasion by controlling build quality, providing project management with clear progress information, and streamlining the project handover process.

  • Construction of new facilities
  • Maintenance activities
  • Completions management

Data Centers

Data center owners and constructors use the Cumulus system to prevent arc flash incidents and increase system quality to maintain continuous site operations.

  • Electrical connection installation
  • Module fabrication
  • Cooling system assembly & maintenance


The Cumulus platform is used by railroad operators and maintenance facilities alike to assure regulatory compliance, track railcar maintenance activities, and prevent environmental hazards.

  • Railcar construction and maintenance
  • Tank car testing and recertification
  • Assure documented adherence to regulatory standards


The Cumulus platform is used by several of the largest petrochemical companies to monitor work quality, track project progress, and assure a leak-free facility.

  • Polyethylene plant construction and maintenance
  • Olefin and polyolefin construction and maintenance
  • Mono-ethylene glycol facility construction and turnaround


The Cumulus platform helps contractors navigate the ever-evolving renewable industry by providing clear and transparent insight into project status, controlling build quality, and maintaining a permanent record of the completed work.

  • Solar panel installation
  • Wind turbine construction and maintenance
  • Offshore wind farms