Implementing Digital Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

Change is inevitable… The world changes faster today than at any moment in history. Five years ago, introducing new technologies to industrial front-line workers around the world, was a challenge. Today almost every worker owns a smart phone. They know how to swipe right, connect to a Bluetooth device, and put a device in airplane mode. In other words, industrial workers already use technology in their everyday lives, so why are they not using it in their day to day jobs?

One reason is a perception that the management of change required for the introduction of digital technologies to front line workers can be a major roadblock to a deployment or cause a delay in maintenance or turnaround events. This is a legitimate concern. However, for non-intrusive digital systems such as a digital bolted joint management system, those concerns can be alleviated by engaging with partners who have the experience and knowledge to make the transition as simple as possible.

The most common concerns we hear at Cumulus are related to worker adoption and the impact of any up-front work required to get started.

The ability of workers to adapt to new technologies is often misunderstood. In our experience, whether it is a refinery in South Africa, a new construction project in Oman or an offshore platform in Malaysia, workers want new tools. Workers want to get the job done and to surprising degree they embrace new solutions that provide immediate, real-time feedback to help them complete the job right the first time.

At Cumulus, our deployment team has vast experience implementing operational solutions with industrial workers, quality control personnel, and management. We know what to ask for, what is required, and how to make the digital transition as seamless as possible. In fact, Cumulus has been able to streamline the implementation process of digital solutions to as little as two-weeks and have simplified our system to only require a few hours of training.

Change is inevitable; a digital bolted joint management system can help significantly improve the safety, quality, and productivity of your team through real-time feedback, reductions in re-work, and reduced unplanned downtime.

Don’t let preconceived notions about digital implementation inhibit the opportunities that lie ahead – start your digital journey today with STS.