HYTORC, Cumulus Digital Systems bring real-time QA to industrial bolting

MAHWAH, NJ, July 30,2019 /World Oil/  – HYTORC has entered into a partnership with Cumulus Digital Systems, whose “Internet of Tools” platform collects data from digitally enabled tools to provide real-time quality assurance and progress tracking. The partnership will couple HYTORC’s bolting solutions with Cumulus’ Smart Torque™ System (STS), to create fully connected and data-driven solutions that improve safety, quality and productivity in bolting maintenance and construction.

“We began working with Cumulus in 2018, and have formalized a partnership that will utilize what each of our companies do best, for the benefit of our customers,” said HYTORC’s President Eric Junkers. “We’re excited for this partnership and what it means for our industry. Essentially, HYTORC and Cumulus are bringing bolting into the Internet age.”

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