Enable On-The-Go Field Reporting with Cumulus’ New Connection Discovery Feature

Today, Cumulus is excited to share our new Connection Discovery feature. Connection Discovery allows authorized users to update project data from the field via their mobile devices—no more need to go back to the office. Designed to promote project productivity and greater work transparency, this new feature is available starting today for all Cumulus users.  


Introducing Cumulus Connection DiscoveryWhat is Connection Discovery? 

Our proprietary Connection Discovery feature empowers field users to proactively identify and manage work that has incomplete or inaccurate information in project models or engineering databases. The feature enables users to create or modify the details associated with the task that they are working on from a mobile device. Simultaneously, the feature immediately notifies key team members (such as Field Engineers, QC, or Project Managers) with the details of the scope of work change. 

Eliminate downtime, prevent rework, and keep key team members in the loop with Connection Discovery.


Why Is Connection Discovery Needed? 


More than half of rework in construction is caused by inaccurate or incomplete data. Further, recent studies have found that workers spend 35% of their time looking for project data or information, mitigating mistakes, managing rework, and handling conflict resolution. 

Currently, many welds, flanges, and electrical connections are manually tracked, without a proper digital data model. This contributes to missing or inaccurate data, rework, unplanned downtime, and a general disconnect between field and office teams. 

With Connection Discovery, empower your project teams to build a digital model from the field in real-time, without having to go back to the office. 


How Can Connection Discovery Benefit You? 


What happens on your site when craft workers run into incorrect or unidentified scope? For most projects, this causes unplanned downtime or work scope changes that are not accurately tracked. Because project managers do not have visibility into either of these scenarios, this typically contributes to unexpected costs, delays, and rework. 

With Connection Discovery, empower field workers to identify and correct inaccurate information from the field while continuing to get work done.

Test Drive Connection Discovery 


Interested in giving Connection Discovery a try? Reach out to support@cumulusds.com for more information.