Digitalization Evaluation

How advanced is your project’s digital transformation?

1. Does your site have stable and reliable internet/network connectivity?
2. Does your site use handwritten paperwork in your reporting or work completion processes?
3. Has your site piloted any new technologies in the past two years?
4. Does your site digitally calculate your progress and performance for weekly reporting?
5. Does your organization have a formal digitalization goal or initiative?
6. Does your organization have a 3D model/digital twin of your facility?
7. Does your organization have a dedicated innovations position and/or team?
8. Does your site utilize Bluetooth-connected tools and/or mobile devices to track and capture quality and progress data?
9. Does your organization digitally track adherence to standard operating procedures (SOPs)?
10. Does your organization have technology or innovation partnerships in place with external companies, agencies, or consultancies?