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The Digital Mandate™

Accelerating the Industrial Digital Transformation for Critical Work Activities

About The Digital Mandate™

The Digital Mandate partners with industrial businesses to develop winning digitalization strategies to improve quality for mission-critical work activities. Our team has designed, built, scaled, and supported mission critical technologies at facilities worldwide.

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Our Approach

Our systematic approach to digitalization works by creating a real-time feedback loop that captures meaningful data and transforms it into actionable insights for faster, better decision-making.

Based on a framework developed by the U.S. Air Force, our foundational strategy helps companies across the energy, construction, and infrastructure sectors thrive in a volatile and highly competitive economy.

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Our Process

1. Define Requirements

After gaining a thorough understanding of the underlying systems, our team defines the problem and outlines the project objectives and metrics.

2. Deploy Workflows

We use our proprietary software to model and implement critical workflows, gathering extensive field data to inform all recommendations.

3. Deliver Results

We develop a functional roadmap that provides clear guidance on architecting and implementing digital solutions to improve work quality for your organization.

Our Results

The Digital Mandate provides our partners with all the essentials needed to navigate a successful digital transformation for their critical path work activities. Our team takes all pertinent factors into account, including personnel, existing processes, tools and equipment, quality metrics, work completion data, and more.

The final deliverable includes an extensive analysis and actionable recommendations that meet all system requirements, optimized for the best outcome possible.

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