Workflow Builder
Build intuitive workflows to guide workers through mission-critical work activities

Standardize your critical work processes with our Workflow Builder

Implement digital workflows for your site procedures, then track contractor and worker compliance via compatible connectivity with virtually any sensor or tool.
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Seamlessly connect with your workforce
Our Workflow Builder enables our platform to track every step of critical work activities by integrating checklists, photos, location information, and data via mobile app, connected tools and sensors.
Cumulus Workflow Builder
Accurate project data at your fingertips

Office teams can log into our cloud-based platform to receive a comprehensive overview of work quality and project status一from anywhere in the world.

Streamline how you manage work quality

Problems are flagged in real-time, allowing for remote monitoring of quality, safety, and overall performance. Auditable records of who, when, and how are stored on the cloud.

Manage mission-critical workflows on a single platform

Maintain process adherence for all your construction and maintenance activities. Our Connected Workflow Builder is used for:

Connect with Bluetooth-enabled tools

Improve safety, quality, and productivity by integrating the next generation of digital tools into your mission critical work activities. Our Workflow Builder makes it all happen, with compatibility across a wide array of toolsets.

Key Features


Track field activity

Receive 360° work completion visibility with granular data and work history

Streamline processes

Capture work completion data digitally, take photos, and generate reports

Maintain compliance

Digitally implement your site procedures and track contractor and worker compliance

Manage exceptions

Get alerts and manage your projects by exceptions via real-time dashboard

Simplify communication

Deliver accurate, real-time information to field workers via our mobile app

Organize data

Safeguard all data in the cloud to maintain continuity and simplify audits

Start building the digital twin of your workforce today.