Cumulus WorkFlow is Now Available to All Sites and Users

Today, we are excited to announce that Cumulus WorkFlow has graduated from beta and is now available for all users. 


What is happening? 

Cumulus uses IoT data to ensure critical manual fieldwork is performed right the first time, every time. We launched WorkFlow in beta last October to expand our system from its original focus on bolted joint assembly to managing virtually any industrial work activity and integrating with virtually any sensor or tool with compatible Bluetooth connectivity. 

Our beta users have been diligently using the new features for about four months, and our team has been eagerly observing their activities and collecting feedback. We tested workflows for pressure testing, welding inspection, equipment installation, electrical connections, solar panel installation, rail car repairs, among many others. 

User feedback has resulted in two interim releases that improved the user experience, added new functionality, and squashed bugs. We are deeply grateful to our beta users for their time, patience, and engagement with our team during this process. 

We are now ready to remove the “beta” label and open the system to all customers. We can’t wait to hear how the new features are helping your projects and learning how we can make the system even more useful for you in the future.


Why is this important to me? 

Rework is costly. A recent Autodesk/FMI study found that 5% of all construction spending is spent fixing rework, costing construction companies and their customers about $625 Billion each year. Workers spend about 35% of their time each week looking for missing information, resolving conflicts, and fixing mistakes. 

Rework is also dangerous. Another recent study found that 39% of all workplace injuries on construction projects happen because of rework, causing pain and hardship for 1 million workers and their families each year.  

This problem will only get worse over the next few years. The construction industry is booming, with high demand for new housing, warehouses, data centers, power generation, transportation, and other infrastructure. The industry needs to hire an estimated 2.2 million new workers over the next three years to meet this demand, yet 72% of respondents told the 2021 AGC Workforce Study that “available candidates did not meet industry requirements.” Experienced hands are leaving the workforce and are being replaced with less experienced newcomers. 

Cumulus upskills your workforce by guiding workers through each step of critical work activities, gives your supervisors real-time visibility into work quality and status, and maintains a complete digital record that can be integrated with other work completion systems and digital twins. With the commercial release of WorkFlow, all of your critical work activities can be managed on a single platform. 


What do I do now?

To our current customers, you should have already received a communication from our customer success team with further details on the new functionality. If not, please contact us at

To our future customers, please contact us today to schedule a demo!