Cumulus On The Road: CEO Matt Kleiman Speaks at Prestigious Collision Conference In Toronto

The Cumulus Team at Collision Conference in Toronto

Last week, members of the Cumulus team traveled to Toronto to participate in the prestigious Collision Conference. Hailed by Politico as the “Olympics of Tech,” Collision is a four day technology conference hosted at the Enercare Centre in Toronto. With over 30,000 attendees, the conference hosts a mix of investors, startups, journalists and partners from over 100 countries.

In addition to CEO Matt Kleiman securing a coveted speaking spot, the Cumulus team also met with over a dozen interested investors and had the opportunity to showcase their technology in a booth to thousands of attendees. In short, the conference was a great success for the Cumulus team on a number of fronts! 


CEO Matt Kleiman Speaks at Collision Conference

Cumulus CEO Matt Kleiman speaking at Collision Conference in Toronto

On Wednesday June 22, Cumulus CEO Matt Kleiman had the honor of speaking at the Collision Growth Summit. His session, entitled “How Does David Work With Goliath?”, focused on distilling the key knowledge that Cumulus has acquired as a small startup working with large enterprises. 

Speaking to a standing-room only crowd, Matt stated: “If you try to be everything, you will actually be nothing,” in reference to Cumulus’s business strategy to first provide a targeted solution for making bolted joints safer, before expanding the product suite as market adoption increases. A full video recording of his speaking session is available on Cumulus’s LinkedIn page


Cumulus Secures Multiple Investor Meetings

Cumulus Investor Meeting at Collision Conference in Toronto

In addition to landing a speaking role at the conference, the Cumulus team also secured meetings with over a dozen interested investors. Cumulus’s increased traction in key new industries served to bolster the company’s reputation among investors. 


Cumulus Booth Showcases the Future of Construction Technology

Cumulus Booth at Collision Conference in Toronto

Additionally, the team had the opportunity to display Cumulus’s technology in a booth that provided exposure to foot traffic of thousands of attendees. 

Passing out flyers that outlined Cumulus technology with a special focus on the flagship WorkFlow product and their growing demand from data centers customers, Cumulus was able to boost its profile among key audiences.


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