Cumulus CEO Matthew Kleiman Releases New Book Entitled “Work Done Right”

WALTHAM, MA, OCTOBER 31, 2023—We are pleased to announce the release of Cumulus CEO Matthew Kleiman’s new book, “Work Done Right: Using Systems Thinking To Guide Your Digital Transformation.” Published by Leaders Press, this highly anticipated book provides an innovative roadmap for using systems thinking to improve work quality and efficiency, specifically for industrial construction, manufacturing, and maintenance fields.  

In “Work Done Right,” systems analysis expert Matthew Kleiman draws on his extensive experience deploying powerful systems and technologies at scale in the aerospace and energy industries to provide a practical path forward. Kleiman breaks down exactly how the built world can take advantage of a tried-and-true systematic approach, providing readers with the tools and knowledge needed to ensure work is done right the first time, every time. 

Key topics covered in “Work Done Right” include: 

  • Analyzing the challenges faced at construction sites and industrial facilities 
  • Implementing a systems thinking approach step-by-step 
  • Real-world examples of systems thinking in action 
  • Applying this approach to your own facility or project 
  • Measuring the results to drive lasting change  

As mounting challenges related to labor shortages are exacerbated by a lack of meaningful technology deployments, “Work Done Right” was written to guide industry leaders hoping to spearhead change. 

The book was written specifically for: 

  • Industrial facility and construction project owners and managers 
  • Those responsible for quality, productivity, or efficiency at their jobsites 
  • Individuals seeking a systematic approach to problem-solving 

Order your copy today from Amazon. 

About the Author 

Matthew Kleiman is an experienced entrepreneur, executive, investor, and author, dedicated to enhancing safety and sustainability in industrial maintenance and construction. As the co-founder & CEO of Cumulus Digital Systems, an award-winning connected worker platform, he ensures mission-critical work is done correctly the first time, every time. Leveraging his extensive industry knowledge from roles at Shell and Draper, Kleiman is committed to creating a lasting, positive impact on the industry.