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Discover why companies across the globe are choosing Cumulus to digitally unify projects, sites, and facilities for improved safety and sustainability.

Featured Case Study

Deploying A Digital Bolted Joint Management System At Scale To Prevent Leaks And Enforce Engineering Controls

Bechtel partnered with Cumulus to improve quality and reduce emissions during the construction of Shell’s new Pennsylvania Chemicals facility.  

How Cumulus brought value to Shell amid global COVID-19 pandemic
Partnering with Cumulus, Shell wanted to maintain work continuity and ensure zero loss of work amid a work suspension and subsequent reopening.
Ocyan and Cumulus Accelerate Digital Transformation at Petrochemicals Facility
Ocyan implemented an intuitive digital system to track and manage work completions, maximizing quality, productivity and safety.
sugar factory industry line production cane process
Implementing a Digital Bolted Joint Management System for Quality Assurance During a Refurbishment Project
How Cumulus’ Digital Bolted Joint Management technology was used on a major refurbishment project to maximize productivity and ensure a leak-free start-up.
Cumulus Digital Systems for Offshore Construction and Maintenance
Reducing Rework and Achieving Strong ROI for Offshore Construction
Cumulus technology empowered an offshore project to eliminate reporting paperwork, track work progress in real-time, and improve work quality by setting target torque values via Bluetooth-connected tools.

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