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The Future of Work Is here.

  • Upload existing work procedures and transform them into digital workflows in just a few clicks
  • Translate workflows into any language 
  • Guide work and track progress via any mobile device
  • Validate work quality via automatically generated and shareable work completion reports 
  • Add new “Admin” or “Worker” users to your account with role-based permissions
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Upskill Your Workforce In Three Simple Steps.

1. Digitize work procedures

Convert existing standard operating procedures into digital workflows within seconds. Cumulus AI can also create a new procedure for you based large datasets of industry best practices, or translate workflows into any language.

2. Connect Your workforce

Share workflows with colleagues, who can immediately start using your workflows in the field via any mobile or tablet device to ensure process adherence. Each workflow automatically requires quality data to ensure process adherence.

3. Confirm work quality

Validate work quality and progress via Cumulus AI’s traceable history of work activities. It automatically generates comprehensive work completion reports on who did the work, when they did it, and most importantly, if it was done correctly.

Cumulus AI | Digitize Your Work Procedures In Seconds
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