Connected Worker TECHNOLOGY

Work Done Right™

Ensure quality for critical work by connecting digital tools with intelligent workflows.

Execute mission-critical work with precision

From bolted joints to pressure testing, the Cumulus platform guides workers with custom digital workflows to optimize safety, quality, and productivity.

Track work quality and progress in real-time

Our award-winning connected worker platform empowers users with a single pane view of exactly what is happening in the field — in real time. With Cumulus, you’ll always know who did the work, when they did it, and—most importantly—if it was done correctly. All from one dashboard.

Here’s how it works


Build custom digital
workflows for critical manual work processes in our Cloud-based Control Center


Guide workers with intuitive instructions and capture valuable quality data with the Cumulus mobile application


Track project quality and compliance in real-time by reviewing manual work data captured by connected IoT devices

Drive savings by streamlining quality assurance
cost reduction for quality control and data review
work completions across 5 continents
hours of paperwork eliminated per work completion
reduction in leaks compared to traditional methods

Trusted by industry leaders and innovators

Managing critical piping construction with continuity
Preventing leaks and enforcing engineering controls
Accelerating the digital transformation in petrochemicals

Built for industry, by industry

Cumulus has been used for over 7,000,000 successful work completions on sites and projects just like yours. Our purpose-built technology is beloved across field and office teams, with users including:

Cumulus Check

Plant Manager

Cumulus Check

Project Manager

Cumulus Check

Turnaround Manager

Cumulus Check

Quality Manager

Cumulus Check

Maintenance Manager


Craft Worker


Field Superintendent


Field Technician


Digitalization Manager


Engineering Manager

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